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Engineers to join our R&D Department

1. Be part of a bigger project
Be part of a bigger project All our products are developed in-house, so your contribution matters.
Technological fit
Technological fit A new modern workspace tailored to the employees requirements, with state-of-the-art testing and development equipment.
You can find us worldwide
You can find us worldwide Czech design and manufactured products used throughout the world.
Your time is precious to us
Your time is precious to us You can keep work/life balance with us.

Help design smart products for the future

  • Flexible working hours
  • Possibility of technological education, conferences and workshops abroad
  • Possibility of working from home
  • Discover your projects in action – chance to take part in on-site travels
  • Professional development
If I should point out one thing, it would probably be the possibility to really change something at work. You have the power to influence processes within your role and that is possible due to the informal atmosphere. We also have flexible working hours at ComAp, which is great as I have responsibilities with my children, and it's great to be able to start earlier or leave earlier should I need to.
Tomáš Product System Engineering Manager
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Our Product: InteliLite

We have launched a completely new version of our well-known controller.

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Open positions

HW Testing & Certification Engineer

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Technik pro výrobní testování

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R&D Trainee for students- part-time internship

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.NET/Angular Vývojár/ka

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We shine a light on the night race

When you’re entrusted to power and light the prestigious night race at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, control and reliability are paramount.

  • We deliver control system for 36 gensets from our customer Gen Power
  • Even a short failure would be extremely problematic as this race has around two billions viewers around the world.

With cutting-edge communication modules allow detailed information from every generator to be received and evaluated remotely, whether on a PC or smartphone. „A few years ago, when we didn´t have these ComAp controllers, we were using our bikes to ride around five kilometers between the monitored sets, but now, we use our phones with ComAp software for monitoring,“ explained Mr. Diez, Technical Sales Manager at Genpower Generator.

New headquarters in Prague – designed for the needs of our employees

“When we planned our new building in Prague, we had a chance to influence the interior and make it tailored for our needs. Thanks to that, we have bigger tables, antistatic floor and enough of power supplies, but also specialized premises close to our workspace as EMC lab, climatic test chamber and 3D printer. Thanks to that, our job is easier, we can test our products instantly and with the most modern technologies.”


HW Design Team Leader

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