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ComAp is a successful Czech based company, recognised globally as a leader in advanced control technology within the power generation sector worldwide. The company is both strong and dynamic providing employees with opportunities to build on their experience and benefit from working in a friendly, inviting, international environment.

If you are in your final year of studies and choosing your thesis, consider us!

You may choose a topic from the list below or inform us about what you wish to focus on. We provide full support to successfully finish your thesis. We offer an opportunity to work with our senior colleagues who can advise and guide you through the writing process. This cooperation is flexible and up to your needs and desires! If interested, please write us an email to set up an appointment to meet in our Prague office. After discussing your proposed thesis and upon final agreement, you can immediately start writing your thesis with our full support. If you are considering another topic which is not in our list, please reply via the “Apply’ option as well and also include your thesis proposal (topic).

Benefits of Writing with ComAp Support :

  • Advice and guidance from our experts while writing your thesis
  • Freedom to share your knowledge and innovative point of view with our colleagues
  • Playing a role in the development of real products
  • Option to write your thesis in English or Czech
  • Kick off your career with a part time job after completing your thesis

Our Proposed Topics:

  • Advanced augmented reality applications for smart devices
  • Algorithms for fast frequency tracking in power grids
  • Analysis of parallel gensets site communication
  • Basic augmented reality applications for smart devices
  • Bluetooth dongles
  • Communication between controllers and web browsers
  • Creating a linear bus with an Ethernet (replacing the can bus)
  • Environmental and sustainability plan
  • Evaluation of EtherCAT-based intercontroller communication
  • Migration of the most basic controllers to Raspberry Pi
  • Modelling of dual fuel generator sets
  • Modelling of parallel gensets sites
  • Modelling of basic controllers
  • Modelling of typical sites in virtual reality
  • Multi-platform web SCADA
  • Optical recognition of devices in smart devices
  • Practical implementation of phasor measurement units (PMU)
  • Sigfox communication
  • Solar power predictors
  • Solar power schedulers
  • Smart device games: Site Master
  • Wi-fi dongles
  • Wind power schedulers

If you are ready to consider us, please send us the following details below by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button:

  • Name
  • Program of Study and Educational Institution
  • Years Attended and Completed Degrees (Bachelor’s/Master’s)
  • Thesis Focus and Area of Research
  • A cover letter outlining your expectations regarding our cooperation

If you are proposing a topic not from our list, please include a brief, but detailed thesis proposal in addition to your thesis focus, area of research.

After receiving your application, we will contact you to be invited to our office for refreshments and a chance to personally discuss further steps regarding the opportunities that come with writing your thesis with ComAp.

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